Monday, January 4, 2010

Helen Graziano

WORKING 9 to 5

Elliot Spitzer removed for cheating and being a hypocrite:
stand by your man she said.
Tiger Woods trespasses, infidel, women dropped out of trees whenever he took a swing.
Mark Hanford saying he was hiking in the Adirondacks while carousing in Caribbean.
Sotomayor confirmed, 1st Hispanic woman to the court. Ruth Bader Ginsberg gets sick.
Chicanos are largest growing minority in the country.
Sarah Palin’s daughter has a baby out of wedlock, nobody knew. A reality couple crashes a White House party.
Roman Polanski shuttled around in Switzerland under house arrest. Lesbian becomes a prelate in the Anglican church.
Mackenzie Phillips reveals sex with father. Oprah rules the waves. SEX SELLS.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Khadija Anderson


From Japan, my son texts:

Hey mom, I heard the Clash playing in a Starbucks this morning
and I thought of you. I bought a Bush is not my president
t-shirt yesterday and I visited Hiroshima
and cried for three hours. I'll be home soon.

I asked him had he heard of Mishima the poet
who committed seppuku when his country demonized him
for training young men to be Samurai
long after WWII.

Mishima and I have some things in common.