Monday, January 4, 2010

Helen Graziano

WORKING 9 to 5

Elliot Spitzer removed for cheating and being a hypocrite:
stand by your man she said.
Tiger Woods trespasses, infidel, women dropped out of trees whenever he took a swing.
Mark Hanford saying he was hiking in the Adirondacks while carousing in Caribbean.
Sotomayor confirmed, 1st Hispanic woman to the court. Ruth Bader Ginsberg gets sick.
Chicanos are largest growing minority in the country.
Sarah Palin’s daughter has a baby out of wedlock, nobody knew. A reality couple crashes a White House party.
Roman Polanski shuttled around in Switzerland under house arrest. Lesbian becomes a prelate in the Anglican church.
Mackenzie Phillips reveals sex with father. Oprah rules the waves. SEX SELLS.

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  1. from Phil Turner:

    '9 to 5' needs some substance to tie it together. I do not hear the poet's voice. News Flash poetry can be as scathingly effective as slam poetry, but it's got to be done right. It's a surprisingly hard form, much like the sestina and often requires academic poets to loosen up their tongues and put away the damned thesaurus (I'm speaking for myself here, though I grew out of the thesaurus years ago, thanks.)