Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sample poem by moi


George W. Bush steals the presidency in 2000, my landlord doubles the cost of using the washers and dryers

Saudi Arabians crash planes into buildings on 9/11/2001, my rent goes up $100

The U.S. invades Afghanistan in 2002, my rent goes up another $100

The U.S. invades Iraq in 2003 to "look for WOMD's", my rent goes up still another $100

"W" sneaks his way into a second term in 2004, my rent goes up $100 more

Hurricane Katrina floods New Orleans in 2005, my rent increases $100 one last time

Democrats gain control of Congress in 2006, my rent doesn't change

The mortgage crisis hits in 2007, my rent remains unchanged

Obama elected President in 2008, my rent doesn't go down

Deep into the 2009 recession, I join Facebook and start holding poetry contests


  1. from Phil Turner:

    I like it a lot, Kingfisher!
    The satirical poem is one of my personal favorites to read, but I shy away from writing them because I suspect my humor may not be up to par on some issues and may even become offensive to some listener or other, though in general, poets are of the more progressive sort, except of course for those PFC's you mentioned once. That reminded me a bit of an old literary tradition in Spain called Culteranismo, which was begun by Luis de Gongora y Argote, who was a contemporary of Lope de Vega. His theory of poetry (and that is what he largely wrote, for better or worse) involved an idea that the art of writing is for the few and cultivated, so that the writer should purposely obscure his meaning and affect high esotericism whenever possible in order to keep undesirables from ever trying to access his work. This view is totally bankrupt and I believe that your own views on poetry confirm the truth that poetry is for everyone and more importantly, by everyone.